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[pixplus] 1.19.3 release
[pixplus] 1.19.2
[pixplus] 1.19.1 release
[pixplus] 1.19.0 release
[pixplus] 1.18.1 release
[pixplus] 1.18.0 release
Update browsers information
[pixplus] Update browsers information
[pixplus] 1.17.0 release
1.16.0 release
1.16.0 release
[pixplus] Remove the link to safariextz
[pixplus] 1.16.0 release
pixplus 1.15.2 release
pixplus 1.15.1 release
[pixplus] 1.15.0 release
Update contact list
Update support list
Update pixplus-latest.tmpl
Update pixplus-latest.tmpl
[pixplus] 1.14.0 release
Link to opera-wiki-remains
Remove opera-wiki-watcher link
Fix operawiki link
Fix operawiki link
Add operawiki
Redirect http => https
[pixplus] 1.13.4 release
Replace .safariextz release binary
[pixplus] 1.13.3 release
[pixplus] 1.13.2 release
[pixplus] 1.13.1 release
[pixplus] 1.13.0 release
[pixplus] 1.12.3 release
[pixplus] update atom
[pixplus] update atom
[pixplus] set release.atom alias
[pixplus] set release.atom alias
[pixplus] set release.atom alias
[pixplus] 1.12.1 release
[pixplus] 1.12.0 release
Fix auto update
[pixplus] Update archive/latest dir
[pixplus] Update release.atom
pixplus 1.10.0
Fix .htaccess
Use Redirect directive in .htaccess
Add /opera-testfiles
[pixplus] Add description
[pixplus] Use opera12.png in archive
[pixplus] Add safari icon for latest version section
Update opera icon
[pixplus] Update supported browsers section
[pixplus] Update supported browsers section
[pixplus] Enable auto update for 1.9.0
[pixplus] 1.9.0
Update email address; Add descriptions about OPR
[pixplus] Enable auto update for 1.8.1
[pixplus] 1.8.1 release
[pixplus] Github link
[pixplus] Github link
[pixplus] Github link
[pixplus] Github link
[pixplus] Update License section
[pixplus] Update screenshot
[pixplus] 1.8.0 (fix3)
[pixplus] 1.8.0 (fix2)
[pixplus] 1.8.0 (fix)
[pixplus] 1.8.0
[pixplus] 1.7.1
[pixplus] Enable auto update for 1.7.0
[pixplus] 1.7.0 release
[pixplus] Add icon files
[pixplus] 1.6.3 release
[pixplus] Add latest dir
[pixplus] Remove latest symlink
[pixplus] Add latest symlink
[pixplus] 1.6.2 release
[pixplus] Fix update checker
[pixplus] Make update checker more flexible
[pixplus] fix git:// link
[pixplus] add github link
[index] add github link
[index] revert
[index] fix markup 3
[index] fix markup 2
[index] fix markup
[index] add some links to cgit page
[pixplus] enable auto update for 1.6.1
[pixplus] 1.6.1 release